Make Your Partner as a Partner Manage Finance

What do you often talk about when together with a partner? Equate perceptions about the future? Do you also talk about finance? There is a general view in society that needs to be straightened out about finance in a relationship. Most people think that talking about finance in a relationship is unethical and taboo to talk about.

Why is that? This can happen because there are different views about the value of money and how to manage finances. Financial problems are actually small problems, but if left unchecked can cause bigger problems so avoid this happening to your household. Make your partner a friend in managing finances in the following ways:

1. Open and trust each other

Honesty is one of the main assets in building good relationships. Including honesty regarding finance. When undergoing a relationship, try to be open and respectful of financial opinions. How each one values ​​money and how each wants to manage finances. Although it is not the main goal in a relationship, if you and your partner have the same vision about financial management will help prevent conflict. You also need to be open about deficiencies in managing finances. That way your partner can complete the deficiency or at least you and your partner can find a solution to the problem.

2. Create a Good Work Team

When establishing a relationship let alone marriage, involving more than one person. Of course there will be more than one thought and perspective. Like your partner is a colleague in various fields of life. Included in managing finances, managing budgets and preparing emergency funds. Build strong teamwork by dividing roles according to ability. If you have shared roles, entrust your financial management together with your partner. If you consider your partner as a teammate in a team, then there is no dominant party in managing finances. All have the same role and position.

3. Implement Targeted Income and Expenditures

In a marriage, individual priorities will be displaced by shared priorities. You and your partner must have greater priority regarding shared happiness. For example, you will definitely prioritize the children’s school fees rather than buying the bag you have been dreaming of. This might also apply to things like wanting to buy a more comfortable car or house. The target you made is aimed at mutual interests. Always maintain communication, even about the smallest expenses you make. This can prevent misunderstandings. This also applies to the target income. The desire to buy a bigger and more comfortable home must be realized by targeting the appropriate income. You can discuss with your partner about the target income you want to achieve.